WebNet+ Course Skills Put to Work

Samantha, using Webex for the state of TexasSamantha Aburto has put her WebNet+ course experience to work at her job for the state of Texas! She is pictured here managing online students attending via WebEx by responding to chat and assisting with any IT issues that arose. WebNet+ is Webster’s newest course delivery method, it allows students to attend classes in real time from their home.                      

I’ve done 100% of my MS in Criminal Justice taking WebNet+ courses, where I use Webex to meet for classes. I’ve become so comfortable and familiar with it that I used it as a contingency plan for the State of Texas (who I work for) when inclement weather forced offices to close and left students who had traveled in from great distances out of town, without a way to complete the course. These students were forced to return back to their duty station without completing the training. I suggested hosting a make up day via WebEx and my leadership liked it. They told me to run with it. We did the one day make up session and it was so successful we decided to try hosting the entire course via WebEx in the future. And we have done so a few times successfully. This has allowed students from the far ends of Texas to attend the training without having to request a travel allotment from their jurisdiction or request travel expenses be reimbursed by Texas Division of Emergency Management. Not only are we able to greatly extend our reach with the training courses we host, but we get to do so for free! We end up reducing time away from families, save costs on hotels, gas, per diem, and even reduce fuel emissions from having to drive so much! Win win!”