5 Ways to Stay Organized and Stay On Top of Your Courses

By Michelle Zverev

MichelleZverevDo you get worried that you might forget to submit an assignment on time or miss the deadline for a discussion post? If you answered yes to the question, you have come to the right place! I will give you five tips/practices I use to stay organized and be on top of my courses. We are all busy with life, but it is important to remember that there are deadlines we have to fulfill in our courses. Let’s be honest, procrastinating or cramming is not a great idea, and more so, it does not work. My tips/practices will hopefully help you stay organized and stay on top of your courses.

Before I give you my tips/practices to stay organized, here is a little about myself. My name is Michelle, and I am a first-year graduate student pursuing a Master’s in Public Relations at Webster University. Staying organized is of the main reasons why I have been successful in staying on top of my courses. I find organizing my school work to be quite helpful because of how overwhelming it could get. School is not easy, but staying organized along with putting in hard work, will help you.

Without further ado, here are my five tips/practices I use to stay organized and stay on top of my courses:

  • Invest in a calendar or planner: I cannot say enough about my planner. The moment I get overwhelmed with my due dates and work amount, I look to my planner to see what I have to do on what day to have my work finished on time. If you do not want to invest in a calendar or planner, I would suggest taking a paper, writing a list of all the assignments and class work you have due on a certain week, and draw check boxes next them. This will help you see everything you have to work on to be finished before the due dates arrive. Once you finish an assignment, check the box and start working on the next one.
  •  Plan ahead: As a graduate student, planning ahead, especially with long assignments and papers, is one of my best practices. Planning ahead gives the opportunity to start thinking about what you want to include in your assignments and do the necessary research.
  • Do not procrastinate: Procrastinating is the last thing you want to do if you want to stay organized and do well in your course. Procrastinating does not give you enough time to study and develop your ideas for an assignment. Try not to leave everything until the last minute or cram everything on the last day. It will not benefit you or your school work.
  • Set aside time for school work: We all have life going on aside from school, but if you want to stay on top of your course, set time aside to focus solely on school work. This means no phone, social media, or web surfing. I usually plan myself, at least, one hour to work on my courses uninterrupted. You will be surprised with how much you could get done in a matter of one hour with no outside distractions.
  • Take breaks: After you have put in one hour of school work with no distractions, reward yourself with a break- web surf, check your social media, spend time with family, watch TV, etc. It is important to give yourself a break and let your mind relax before going back to complete more work.

These were five ways to stay organized and stay on top of courses. Start implementing these tips and practices into your daily routine and become the organized student you were meant to be. I sincerely hope these tips and practices were helpful!

Thanks for reading and good luck with your courses!


Michelle Zverev is a current online student pursuing a Master’s in Public Relations at Webster University.