Adobe Access for Fall 2018 for Webster Students, Faculty and Staff 

From the: Staff of the IT Service Desk 

Beginning in Fall 2018, access to Adobe Creative Cloud (Photoshop, InDesign, Acrobat DC, etc.) will be available to all active faculty members, currently enrolled undergraduate students and graduate students who are registered for select courses (please see below).   Access for all other graduate students and staff is available based on an opt-in request process.   

Please review below for additional information and any action that may be required on your part.  

Automatic Access for Undergraduate Students and Select Graduate Courses 

All currently enrolled undergraduate students in any program will automatically have access to Adobe Creative Cloud. Additionally, graduate students who are registered for select graduate courses that have been identified as using Adobe applications as part of the curriculum will automatically have access.  This list of graduate courses can be viewed by clicking here.  All other graduate students will need to request access in order to use Adobe Creative Cloud applications.  

Automatic Access for Active Faculty Members 

Any faculty member (including adjuncts) who has taught a course since Spring 2018 will have access to Adobe Creative Cloud and will retain access for the upcoming academic year as long as they remain active with the university. 

Adobe Reader to Become Default PDF Viewer for Staff – Action May Be Required 

Adobe Reader will become the default application for viewing/reading PDFs. Beginning on Wednesday, August 29th, Adobe Reader will be pushed to any Webster-owned computer connected to the Webster network that does not already have it installed. A reboot may be required as part of these updates. If you have a Webster-owned computer that is not turned on and connected to the network on August 29th, it will receive the update the next time you do connect. 

IMPORTANT NOTE:  If you are using the full Adobe Acrobat application for the purposes of creating or editing PDFs, you must fill out the Cherwell request form to maintain access to this application. Please fill out the request form prior to September 7th to maintain uninterrupted access.  If you only need to view/read PDFs, you do NOT need to fill out the request form. If you are using any other part of the Creative Cloud suite (i.e. Photoshop, etc.), you will need to fill out the request form. 

Requesting Access to Adobe Creative Cloud 

Please follow the instructions below to request or maintain access to Adobe Creative Cloud/Acrobat if you are a graduate student or staff member. 

  1. Logon to the Cherwell Customer Portal at with your Connections username and password 
  1. Click on Request Adobe Access in the Applications/Systems box below Services Offered 
  1. Fill out all requested information on the form and click Submit. 

Requests for access will generally be granted within 24 business hours. 

Updates Effective September 7th, 2018 

These updates to the access method for Adobe will be effective as of Friday, September 7th, 2018.   

  • Students who are not currently registered for the current Fall 2018 semester will be removed from the Adobe dashboard 
  • Access will be disabled for any graduate student not enrolled in one of the courses linked above or staff member who has not yet requested access via the request form in Cherwell. These individuals can regain access by filling out the request form as long as they are currently enrolled or an active staff member. Staff should verify with their manager before filling out the form in case access has already been requested for them.  
  • The request form will be available throughout the 2018-2019 academic year, however, any graduate student or staff member currently utilizing Adobe Creative Cloud applications is highly encouraged to fill out the request form before September 7th to ensure uninterrupted access. 
  • Active faculty and currently enrolled undergraduate students will continue to maintain Adobe access on this date. If you fall in this group, no action is required on your part. 

Regularly Back Up Your Cloud Data 

If you are utilizing Adobe’s cloud storage options (saving directly to Document Cloud or Creative Cloud online storage), please make sure you are regularly backing up that data via another method (i.e. flash drive and/or OneDrive through Office 365). 

  • Adobe access is refreshed on a semester basis for students and will expire 10 days after the semester ends. Students should regularly back up throughout the semester and ensure they have completed a full back up by the end of each semester. 
  • Adobe access for faculty and staff becomes disabled immediately upon an inactive status with the university. Faculty and staff should perform regular backups of any cloud data. 

What does this mean for you? If you do not perform a complete back up of your data by the end of each semester, you may lose the files you have saved to cloud storage. 

Due to Adobe’s shift in licensing structure, Adobe is no longer available for public use in locations on campus. This includes events previously scheduled on campus for the general public that may have used Adobe applications in the past. Any such event moving forward will require attendees to bring their own personal laptops with their own trial or full subscription of Adobe Creative Cloud. 

For additional information on Adobe Creative Cloud, please visit If you have any questions or need additional assistance, please contact the IT Service Desk via the information below. 


Webster University IT Service Desk
1-866-435-7270 (toll-free)