Cassandra Flowers, Online Student, Selected for Prestigious C200 Scholar Award

As seen in the Webster News, two online MBA students, Brandi Hamilton & Cassandra Flowers, were each awarded a $10,000 scholar award by the Committee of 200 (C200). They can use the award to address educational costs or invest in tools needed for their professional goals. Besides the monetary award, they will also have access to the C200 Scholar Network and opportunities to network with members of the organization.

To be considered, applicants had to be an outstanding female student enrolled in the MBA program at any Webster University location. These students exemplify extraordinary leadership potential, entrepreneurial spirit, and a commitment to supporting other women.

Founded in 1982, C200 is an organization of the most senior women executives’ in successful private and public companies from around the world who manage more than $300 billion in annual revenues and assets. The primary mission of C200 is to foster, celebrate and advance women’s leadership in business. For full story

We wanted to talk a little further with our two online students about this award and their experience online at Webster. Cassandra Flower’s interview is below, and click here for Brandi Hamilton‘s. 

OLC: What does this award mean to you?

Cassandra: Being selected as a C200 scholarship recipient is truly an honor; there were many competitive applicants so I’m very proud to be selected. The foundation represents so many important characteristics of a successful business woman, but what I really love is the focus on strong leadership. I firmly believe that leadership is one of the most important driving factors of business, and I appreciate that leadership is so significant to the C200 foundation. I’m extremely proud to be associated with such a prominent and influential organization.

OLC: What has been your most rewarding experience in an online course thus far? Why do you choose to do your degree online? What is the best part of taking classes online?

Cassandra: I love the online learning environment. I enjoy working at my own pace and also being able to complete coursework when it is convenient for me. I am a full-time working mom so being able to make my own schedule is very important to me and something I really appreciate.

OLC: Who has been your favorite instructor thus far, and why?

Cassandra: Jacquelyn James who taught BUSN 5600 Accounting Theory and Practice which was a prerequisite to the one-year MBA program. Jacque was knowledgeable, patient and passionate about teaching and she went above and beyond to ensure her students were grasping key concepts. I appreciated that she made sure each of her students understood the material and her robust teaching style helped energize and motivate the class.

OLC: What do you like about WorldClassRoom’s online environment?

Cassandra: I received my undergraduate degree from another school, and a few of my classes were online but the platform that hosted the courses was not very practical. I enjoy the fluidity of the WorldClassRoom environment and that everything is all one place. I am currently in three classes, so the calendar features help keep me organized throughout each week.

OLC: How do you approach your class on a daily basis – do you have a set pattern for accessing certain tools or parts of the course each day?

Cassandra: At the beginning of this semester, I actually wrote down a plan on a large office calendar. I have worked it out so I complete one class’s discussion posts and homework assignments all in one day. Sometimes this is tough, but I try to stay focused and complete it all in one day. Then I do the next class the next day and etc… that leaves me two days (out of a 5-day week) to finish up papers and other projects. I try my hardest to reserve my weekends for my family. Saturdays and Sundays are reserved for family time.

OLC: What is the hardest part about doing all of your coursework online?

Cassandra: The biggest challenge I have run into online has been the business-heavy courses. Learning formulas and mathematical equations can be difficult online and working through problems without any hands-on guidance gets frustrating for me, but instructors are very helpful and more than willing to help.

OLC: What is the easiest part about doing all of your coursework online?

Cassandra: I enjoy doing all of my coursework online and being able to work at my own pace. I don’t have to wait to get started on projects or if I need to work on certain concepts a bit longer I can do that without holding up the class.

OLC: What advice would you give to incoming online students?

Cassandra: Make a schedule and stick to it – calendars are your friend! I am a list maker, so writing down goals and tasks and then checking them off at the end of the day makes me feel like I put in a good day’s work. Even if I did not complete all of my week’s work, I still feel like I have proof that I accomplished what I needed to get done for that day. Online courses can be daunting at first, but give it two weeks and you will figure out a groove that works for you.