As the school year comes to a close, the Chronicle of Higher Education posted an article about the wildly popular hashtag called #collegein5words. The idea is for people to describe college in just five words. Not so easy, you say? Looking at the hashtag on BuzzFeed and Twitter in general provides some interesting insight to everything from food thoughts ( “ Who wants to order pizza?”) to movie watching (Study. Eat. Netflix. Sleep. Repeat.”) to sleep patterns (“Maybe I’ll take another nap.”).

Here in the Online Learning Center, we take learning a bit more seriously and were thinking more along the lines of “words of wisdom” not only about Higher Ed but also about learning online. We asked faculty, students, and staff to take part in this trending topic and we received some great ideas:

  • Moves me ahead at work
  • Who commutes to campus anymore?
  • Graduation this week! Congratulations! Celebrate!
  • Interactive educational community, connecting internationally
  • Exciting. Challenging. Thought-provoking. Community.
  • Learning a lot about myself!

Check out some entries from our Twitter feed below.