Connect to Academic Counseling

The Academic Resource Center (ARC) offers individual sessions for online students who would like to develop better organizational and learning strategies and also offers ongoing academic counseling and mentoring services. The ARC is available to all Webster University students across the worldwide Webster University community.

Academic counseling provides many services to online students:

  • Guidance in improving academic skills
  • Guidance in improving time management and stress management
  • Help adjusting to college life
  • Personalized academic success plans
  • Referrals to University resources
  • Support to improve your grade point average (GPA)
  • Support to recover from academic probation

Online students may connect with an Academic Counselor by phone, WebEx, email or in person at any time and as regularly as they would like:

  • When you feel you are “not doing well” in your online course(s)
  • When you want to improve your academic skills
  • When you are missing class, falling behind on assignments, or struggling with

assignments and/or courses

  • When you feel stressed and/or under academic pressure
  • When you want to improve your time management skills
  • When you are placed on academic probation

You can schedule an academic counseling appointment with Lisa Hempen through the Student Success Portal by going to your My Success Network, searching for Hempen and selecting Lisa’s name. Then, just click on the Schedule Appointment button and follow the prompts. (To access the Student Success Portal, go to and log in with your Connections credentials.)

Alternatively, you may schedule an academic counseling appointment by contacting Lisa Hempen directly:


Lisa C. Hempen, M.Ed.
Student Success Coordinator