Evaluations Matter: A Few Reasons Why

By Tyann Cherry

  1. Evaluations are how we learn. Just like you receive feedback on your assignments, evaluations are a way for us to figure out what worked and what didn’t related to course content and instruction. Without feedback we can’t improve.
  2. Evaluations help us make decisions with student input. Course evaluations are reviewed not only by the instructor in the course but also by the department Chair. Webster University is committed to delivering a high-quality graduate & undergraduate experience and course evaluations provide us with critical input from students regarding their experience.
  3. Evaluations are completely anonymous and are not reviewed until all grades are issued. The process is completely secure because your honest feedback matters to us.
  4. Evaluations give you the opportunity to not only let us know what you found valuable and what didn’t work – they are also an opportunity to offer your suggestions about what actions could increase the quality of your experience.
  5. Evaluations matter to me personally. As an instructor, I review these evaluations carefully every term and try to make adjustments based on the feedback with the intention of bettering the class for future students. I genuinely appreciate the feedback I receive!


Tyann Cherry is a Manager in the Online Learning Center for Operations & Faculty Support team.