Fall 2 2018 Online Students with Graduate Honors

Congratulations to all of our distinguished online graduates for Fall 2 graduation, December 2018! Students who complete a graduate degree while maintaining a cumulative GPA of 3.950 receive Graduate Academic Honors.

December 2018:

Heather Arora MBA-BUSA
 Luis Arriola MA-ITM
 Alessandra Barzaghi MBA-BUSA
 Dawn Bates MA-HRMG
 Sara Bliss MA-MLGI
 Karen Brown MET-EDTC
 John Chesher MS-ENVM
 Melanie Congdon MA-COMG
 John Cooley MS-CYBS
 David DuBravec MS-CYBS
 William Dunbar MBA-BUSA
 Michael Hapner MS-CJUS
 Chavo Hopgood EDS-  ELDR
 Michele Johnson MA-MGTL
 Nelson Lamb MA-ITM
 Anthony Lester MS-CYBS
 Mitchell Lynch MA-ITM
 Molly McIntyre MA-BOSM
 Mary Morris MA-HRMG
 Connlann Myers MA-ITM
 Jennifer Newman MA-HRMG
 Zachary Peterson MA-MGTL
 Julie Ann Rivera MA-COMG
 Joseph Schultz MA-INTL
 Michael Schumer MS-CYBS
 Christian Steele MA-ITM
 Emily Wedge MA-BOSM
 Steven Winkler MA-BOSM