Featured Career Resource: Resume Bullet Point Worksheet

By John Link

Developing a targeted resume for employment opportunities is a great way to stand out among a crowded applicant pool. The manner in which one develops experience bullet points to showcase their skills related to the position they’re applying for should be tailored for each employment opportunity using the job description as a reference.  Occupational and labor market research tools, such as Onetonline.org and the Occupational Outlook Handbook are additional resources that can help prepare a strong, targeted resume.

When preparing bullet points for experience, do not rely on the reviewer of the document to make inferences about what skills you have developed in your work experiences. Writing bullet points for current and previous work experiences can be timely. The team at the Career Planning & Development Center has prepared a resource to assist individuals with writing strong work experience bullet points. Whether you’re looking to make edits with your current resume, or reshaping your document to reflect newly developed skills, our resume bullet point worksheet can help all.

View the Career Planning & Development Center’s Resume Bullet Point Worksheet to learn more about preparing work experience bullet points.

John Link is the Assistant Director in Career Development Webster University Career Planning & Development Center.