Gorlok Testimonial: Gracie Gralike

By Gracie Gralike

I am Gracie Gralike, from St. Louis, MO, and I recently completed my Masters in Communications Management.

Please briefly describe why you chose to attend Webster University. 

I chose Webster University because I felt like it was the right fit for me after looking at their programs. I did my undergrad at Webster and loved it. I loved how my program for my Masters could be done completely online.

Please briefly describe what you recommend potential students look for when choosing online learning, a certificate or degree program and/or a university.

I would make sure that the program is legit and the school is accredited. I would also look at financial aid and scholarship options. Webster offers both and that was another main reason I chose Webster. One of the reasons I decided to go to Webster was because they have such a great reputation.

Please briefly describe what  appealed to you most regarding your time at Webster. 

I learned so much more about my field. I felt like I got personalized attention, even though the classes were fully online. I am actually still friends with some of my classmates and I am friends with a lot of them on Facebook. It was a great experience that has helped me in my current job. The real life assignments have helped me succeed.

In your experience, what are the positives of online learning? How does online learning compare to face-to-face instruction?

I loved the pace of the courses. You can do the work when you want and when you have time. I know some people are afraid to do online classes and I was too at first, but the experience was just as good as a face-to-face experience. The professors always respond to emails so quickly and all my questions were always answered.

Is there anything else regarding Webster University or your online experience that you feel is important to share?

If you are working full-time, online classes are so perfect. You can balance time with your family, friends and your job, while completing your degree. Webster is like a family. You will always have someone to answer questions, be your support group and even have a complete network when you go to apply for jobs.

How important was it to go to an accredited school?

So important! Everyone knows about Webster and their reputation. One of my past bosses at the St. Louis Science Center told me that Webster has such a good reputation and that it would stand out from other online programs. You always want to do something that will pull your resume out of the resume stack. I believe that Webster is one of the best choices when it comes to online classes.

How was the Online student support?

Amazing! Whenever I had questions, they were always answered. Everyone is always so friendly. I would also like to add that I have made friends through my classes. I still talk to some of them and I feel like we are connected through our experience that we went through.

Did you like using WorldClassRoom powered by Canvas?

Yes. It was super easy to use! Some online course systems can be hard to navigate, but I never had any problems with WorldClassRoom. I would suggest that everyone take the tutorials before starting their classes. It really helps to get a grasp on the courses and how to navigate through the courses.

Did you use financial aid? How was the process?

For my Masters, I did not use financial aid. I was a graduate assistant. I did use financial aid throughout my undergrad at Webster. I thought that the process was easy to understand and they helped me a lot with any questions that I had.

Did you transfer credit in?

I did not for my Masters. I did for my Undergrad. Transferring credits in is really easy. My guidance counselor helped me to transfer my credits in. The process went quickly and the classes were added to my transcript.

What are you doing now?

I am a Marketing Assistant at Frost Electric Supply.

What did this degree do for you/how did it help you?

This degree helped me to get my current job. It also helped me to get many interviews. A lot of people were impressed with my dedication to finish a Masters. Webster has a great reputation and that has also helped me to get a job.


Gracie Gralike was a fully online graduate student at Webster University, who received her Masters in Communication Management in May 2015.