Gorlok Testimonial–Jennifer Baranowski

by Jennifer Baranowski

My name is Jennifer Baranowski and I am currently pursuing my Masters Degree in Human Resource Management here at Webster.

Where are you from?

I am originally from a town called Brick in New Jersey, just about 20 minutes outside of all the Central Jersey beach towns most of us have heard of. Currently I live just outside of Orlando, FL.

Please briefly describe why you chose to attend Webster University. What made Webster stand out or work best for you?
Webster was actually recommended to me by a former leader of mine. I was looking for a school that would be flexible with my full time work schedule, and that would move at a fairly quick pace as I am pretty determined to finish my degree, and Webster seemed like the perfect fit.

Please briefly describe what you recommend potential students look for when choosing online learning, a certificate or degree program and/or a university:
Make sure that the school’s course schedule is at a pace that works not only for your social schedule, but how you best absorb information. Some schools have terms set up to complete classes very quickly, and if you are a fast learner, or want to complete your degree quickly, this is something good to look for in a school.

Please briefly describe what has appealed to you most regarding your time at Webster. 
I love how accommodating Webster is to each individual student. When I first became a student, I felt very welcomed and I was in a very good place for understanding what Webster is all about. With online learning, I loved the tutorial that they gave when you first begin taking online classes to make sure everyone felt comfortable in the online environment.

In your experience, what are the positives of online learning? How does online learning compare to face-to-face instruction?
The positives of online learning is being able to work at your own pace, and do you work when is most convenient for you. It is also much more structured in that everyone is expected to do X, Y and Z. In a face to face environment, you can’t force people to talk.

How important is it to go to an accredited school?
This is very important, especially for how your education looks on your resume. Everyone wants to set themselves up for success in the future, and this is one of the first steps.

How was the Online student support?
Online student support was fantastic, they are prompt with responses and very clear and concise in answers to their questions

Did you like using WorldClassRoom powered by Canvas?
WorldClassRoom was very easy to use and user friendly set up.


Jennifer Baranowski is an Orlando student who is blending her classes online and on ground at the Orlando campus.