Gorlok Testimonial: Romanda Noble-Watson

by Romanda Noble-Watson

Where are you from?
I am originally from Washington, D.C. but reside in Cayce, S.C.

What Program did you recently complete?
Master of Arts Communications Management in December 2015

Please briefly describe why you chose to attend Webster University?
The cost and convenience of attending classes completely online.

Please briefly describe what you recommend potential students look for when choosing online learning, a certificate or degree program? 
I would recommend looking at the availability of classes within a specific program and the cost and accreditation for that program.

Please briefly describe what appealed to you most regarding your time at Webster.
The online learning environment was great. I got to meet life-long friends who I still communicate with thru various social media outlets. I started and finished the program with many of my classmates so I felt like I knew them. We took several classes together and therefore we were like one.

In your experience, what are the positives of online learning? How does online learning compare to face-to-face instruction?
The positives of online learning I would have to say that you get to pretty much work at your own pace. As far as face-to-face instruction, because my professors were so attentive, I felt like I did have face-to-face.

Did you like using WorldClassRoom?
I absolutely loved the WorldClassRoom. I was able to check my grades and assignments very easily and communicate with my classmates and professor very well.

How did you access WorldClassRoom (computer, tablet, phone)?
I used WorldClassRoom on just about any media out there. I did not have a problem with any.

How was the Online student support?
I only used the Online student support once or twice and had no problems.

Did any instructor stand out? Why?
The one instructor that stood out to me was Carol Richardson. I was unable to complete a class due to my job and even though I had to drop the class she gave me encouragement to keep pressing and informed me that she would be teaching the class the following term which made me feel much better. I actually earned an A in her class.

If there was one thing you could ask instructors to do more of what would it be?
Not much really. Maybe be a little more mindful that most of the Master Degree candidates are working adults so be a little more conscience of the work load, which really wasn’t too bad.

Did you use financial aid? How was the process?
Yes, I did use financial aid. The process was pretty easy and I would recommend it to anyone. Webster did a great job of disbursing the funds.

How important is it/was it to go to an accredited school?
An accredited school was my No. 1 priority. Working in the higher education field, I understand that without accreditation, the degree will not be worth much.

How was working with your Academic Advisor?
My Academic Advisor was the ABSOLUTE BEST!!! Her name is Barb Finan. She retired in August of 2016 so I’m sadden that more individuals will not get a chance to have her as an advisor. I would have to say, she is the reason that I finished my last class. She assisted me with choosing a topic for my thesis which turned out to be one of the best my professor received… Thanks Barb!!!

What was your motivation for completing this degree.
My motivation were my husband and his children. I got married in July 2013. My husband had two master degrees and both of his children have master degrees. I didn’t want to be the only one without mine so I took on the task and completed it in 1.5 years.

What was the hardest part of getting your degree?
The hardest thing about getting my degree was time management, especially during the thesis phase. Working in college athletics is a very demanding field. With traveling and home game management, it was sometimes hard to get my work done in a timely manner. I had to devise a time management plan where my course work nor my career would suffer.


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