Graduation Journey: Alisha Fingers

Alisha Fingers is graduating this May, 2017, with a Master of Arts in Human Resources Management (MA).

“In the beginning I was someone who looked for a way out on her own. I looked for ways that could by time, and that soon lead me in the wrong direction. I left thinking that I could run away from my problems, while keeping my dreams and aspirations bottled up inside.  The hard times that I faced left me homeless, without work, and hanging on to life by a strand. Gradually, I found my way back home, but still a feeling of emptiness filled my soul, and there was no way out this time. My luck started to run out, and one day I ran into hope. I began to look towards heaven, and ask God for help. Forsaking all, and not looking behind I opened my heart, and allowed God to change my life. This was my way out, and my opportunity to be redeemed. Thinking of all that I lost in the past years, I began to think positive, and believe that I can do all things.  Once I had a huge mountain in the way of my destiny, but this time I learned that was strong enough to move any mountain because of my faith. Faith is what we can’t see, but we know it’s there. Your obstacle is only as big as you allow it to be. My Master’s degree was one goal that I wanted to accomplish. I had no way of beginning, with student loans, and being a single mom. Until, one day while speaking with my pastor I told her that I wanted the opportunity to finish my degree, and a chance to show people that I can do it, and that I am capable of making it in any difficult time that I may face. This was my moment to show my son, and others that it is never too late for success. A number of things tried to get in my way, and fear was at the top of my list, but I was taught that success brings about fear. If I just speak life into my current situation and believe that I can make it, the rest is up to me. I no longer have to ask myself who I am or what will I become. I know that now, I am a highly talented young woman, who knows her self worth. You can’t define me because my life has already been written, and my journey is as big as I want it to be. It may get hard, and it may seem rough sometimes. You feel like you’re at a point of giving up, but if you just hold on, and look up. Plant your feet on a solid foundation that will help you to stand the test of times, that will build you when all hope is gone, and that will comfort you when it seems that no one is there. My journey is never ending; I will keep my eyes on the prize. Hold on to what you believe, and never lose hope because if you’re truly after a journey of completeness, just look towards heaven as I have, and ask the Lord to lead you into the door of peace, hope, joy, and love. It will overcome every battle, it will withstand any storm, and it will always end in Victory. This is my journey to Success!”