Graduation Journey: Chanté Jackson

Chante Jackson holding Webster DiplomaI started my master’s degree while deployed in October of 2015. I was nervous and excited all at the same time. As a native of St. Louis, I’ve always been aware of the prestige that came with having/earning a degree from this University and I wanted to do my best.  

Completing my degree while still on Active Duty was NOT easy and some questioned my “why” because for my current career it’s not a mandatory box to check. But I was determined to prove to them, and even myself, that I could do this!  

Chante Jackson GraduationThe beauty of this online program allowed me to do homework anywhere I had WiFi and my laptop, regardless of where the Air Force needed to send me2 continents, 5 countries, a deployment, 3 TDYs, and countless airports to be exact 😏 

So, thanks to my faith, supportive family and friends, EXTREMELY understanding professors, and a drive to see this through I can finally say I did! 🤗 I have a Master’s degree Procurement and Acquisitions Management from Webster University!