Graduation Journey: Edras Moran

Edras Moran is graduating this term, May 2018, with his Master of Business Administration (MBA):

“I came to the USA as an immigrant in August 2014. I had always wanted to further my education and earn a MBA degree. After doing some research and becoming familiar to the country I finally decided to go back to school. Although I was a little hesitant at first and a little afraid that I was going to fail due to this being new to me. I had never taken online courses before, or better I had never taken online courses in a language that I was not proficient. I started the enrolling process towards the end of 2015 and took my first class S1 2016. It has been a long journey sinceconsidering that I have 2 jobs and a toddler, that is coming to a rewarding end. When I first started I spoke very little English. Being in school has helped to improve my English skills and the learning experience has been wonderful. Webster has provided me with the tools and their platform is so user friendly. It certainly has made every course enjoyable. All I can say to anybody wanting to succeed is that education is an asset that nobody can take away from you. Follow your dream and work hard for them!”