Graduation Journey: Faneita Scott

Around December 2015, I decided that my break was over and I was ready to continue my educational journey. After considering several schools, I decide to apply to Webster University because it had the program I was looking for, a Master of Business Administration with an emphasis in Finance. Other factors played a part as well: it was military friendly, an online program, and 9-week semesters.  Within a week of being accepted, the Academic advisor contacted me via email and telephone, providing me my academic schedule and registering me for my first two terms (Spring 1 and 2 – 2016).  I was nervous and excited.  I worked with my military training department and applied for financial aid, bought my books and supplies, and when school started, I was ready to go.  

I took one class per term until I was comfortable in taking two classes per term because I was on a mission to complete my degree in two years.  I actually created a spreadsheet on what classes to take each term and hung it on my refrigerator to stay focused.  My completion target was at the end of the Fall semester of 2018, but I hadn’t decided if I would walk across the stage in May 2019. 

In May 2018, I was on my Air Force Reserve annual tour at the San Diego Naval Medical Center when I got sick and found out I had to have emergency surgery due to a brain tumor (non-cancerous).  I was in week 9 of my class and had I was in the process of completing my final project and had a final exam to complete.  The surgery was that Friday morning, May 11th.  After, the surgeon provided me and my children the postoperative assessment. I asked if it was okay if I finished my classwork. He looked at me and then my children and gave the okay.   

Although the project was now late, I finished it and my final exam, my final grade was a ‘B,’ but I was happy I was able to finish the project, my final, and my class.  I took a break from school to continue my healing process as well as through the advice of the surgeon and family.  In the Fall 2 term 2018, I started taking classes again. In May 2019, I will complete my final class and I will walk across the stage in St. Louis, Missouri.  I didn’t meet my target complete my last classes, but I have decided to walk across the stage in May 11, 2019.  Not because I can, but because I have to it is my destiny and it leads to the next chapter in my life.  

If I have to be honest, I am a very personal person and I didn’t want to share my journey–but I felt spiritually guided to tell this part of my story to inspire someone that is going through or will go through an experience in their life that will make them want to give up.  Giving up should never be an option. Any experience should be inspiration to continue whatever journey someone is on, even if the path on that journey changes because it can still get them to the final destination.