Graduation Journey: Janeia Tabor

I began my journey in January of 2018. For many years, I’ve witnessed organizations suffer from issues that they could have prevented and/or done something about if only they had the right leadership in place to make a difference. As an employee, I would often make suggestions, but because I wasn’t apart of senior leadership, my opinions didn’t hold value and were often always overlooked. I wanted to be the change that I wanted to see, so I decided to pursue my Master’s Degree to further my career. Already an alumna of Webster University, I decided to continue my journey with a WebsterU master’s degree in Organizational Development. Due to my work/life schedule, online classes were the better option for me because it gave me the flexibility of completing my assignments around my non-traditional schedules.

I hit the ground running in my first courses because I already knew the online expectations from previous experience with my undergrad degree. Even though I excelled through my courses, it was not an easy journey. I’m a mom, a wife, an entrepreneur, and I held a full time demanding job while obtaining my degree. Most days were very difficult and lack of sleep became the norm for me. However, my determination and commitment outweighed those difficult days and sleepless nights. The support I had from my husband and my daughter is what kept me going. They had frequent “Daddy and Daughter” days out so that mommy could focus on homework. They were understanding and deserve to be recognized on this journey just as much as me. They say, “You did it!” I say, “No, WE DID IT!”

I feel that both the degree I chose and the school itself were the perfect match for me! Organizational Development courses has given me the opportunity to apply what I’m learning to current work situations and Webster University has streamlined their online courses to be so beneficial and not make me feel like I’m lacking what traditional classroom courses offer.

Thanks to Webster University for giving me the opportunity to pursue my dream and making it convenient for the working adult! I’m looking forward to my new career!