Graduation Journey: Julie Wittrock

Julie Wittrock graduated this past March, 2017, with a Master of Business Administration (MBA).

“Utilizing the skills, knowledge, and resources that I acquired through the variety of MBA classes, I have earned three promotions since starting the graduate program at Webster. I have been a mentor for the two cycle that the program has been running. It has proven to be very rewarding. I also have developed many tools that we use every day in managing our business. One such report combines data from five separate reports into one easy to read chart that decisions can be made from very quickly. I also put together a lead program for marketing where every zip code in the United States was accounted for, analyzed and assembled into logical grouping which resulted in more leads and more orders for the enterprise. On a personal note, in December of 2015 my home was affected by the flood causing us to have to move. It was quite an experience to watch your house fill up with water and something like that really puts life into perspective. We were very fortunate in that my fiancé (now husband) had a home for my son and I to move into.

In my current position as a Manager of Transportation Economics, there have been many classes that contributed to my success at work. One class in particular was Organizational Development and Change. I was asked to participate on the Strategic Planning Core Team in 2015. This course nearly followed along with the work we were doing on this team. We put together a charter, assembled subject matter experts, and utilized many of the other elements of the course. It was a truly great experience to be able to immediately apply the knowledge that I was learning and to see how and why things were being done the way they were. Another class that I was able to immediately apply is Advances in Project Management. I have run projects before and have used some portions of the Project Management Plan but to see it all put together and learn about why each piece is important has been invaluable.

Nearly 15 years after I received my undergraduate degree, I decided it was time to get my MBA. I chose the online format because it worked better with my work schedule. After being out of school for so long, it was difficult to get back into the swing of it and still manage the added responsibilities of adulthood. Not having a teacher standing in front of you lecturing made it even more difficult. After a little while, I settled into a work/school schedule. I used to take care of everything: work, house, bills, laundry, food, etc. When I am in school, the house doesn’t always get cleaned, there is not always food on the table (or in the refrigerator), and the clothes may or may not get washed; and it’s okay. During this process, I learned a lot about myself and those I share a home with: (1) I can let go of the little things because they don’t really matter, (2) my amazing husband picks up the slack and we complement each other better than I could have ever imagined; I just had to give him the chance, and (3) my son is an excellent cook and can wash his own clothes. Together we made it through this online journey all the way to the very end.”