Graduation Journey: Katrena Holmes

My journey is quite interesting, at first I was not accepted into Webster because I received my bachelor’s from a school that was not equal in accreditation, so I had to write a letter to ask for reconsideration. I didn’t know anything about accreditation or college because I was in the military and had no intentions on going to school. I had my future mapped out to go up the ranks in the military. I was approached by a gentleman on base he told me about Webster. I looked up the school and noticed that one of my favorite actresses was an alumni: Jennifer Lewis. I then saw that she gave a commencement speech the same year I was applying. I believe that it wasn’t an easy decision to let me in the school, but I shared that my great grandmother had a third grade education because her mother died when she was eight so she had to pick cotton to help her dad feed her younger sisters and brothers. She started having children by the time she was 14 and she bared 17 children. My grandmother one of the 17, dropped out of school in 8th grade baring 12 children and my mom followed by dropping out in the 11th grade while she was pregnant with me. As you can see, education was not big in my family, hard work on the other hand was. Since then I have become the 2nd female of 56 grandchildren to hold a college degree with my sister being the first. Education has become the fuel to my fire. Both of my grandmothers passed away before seeing me achieve this success but I still do it for them because they didn’t have choice from the beginning. I am showing my daughters what diligence will get you. My school journey has been going on for 14 years, but it has now blossomed. Every late night, every challenge, every test has made me better and stronger. I am not sure if I will pursue a doctorate but chances are if I do…I will at Webster University.

I never thought it was possible for me become a scholar, but I have proved myself wrong. I thank the Webster officials for giving me a chance, they mean the world to me. Not only will I graduate with one master’s degree but I will have two: An MBA and a M.S Finance because they believed in me and let me in.

The most challenging class was the managerial statistics class, but when I passed that class I felt like a champion and I knew I could do anything. Thank you Webster, from a lineage of a 3rd grade drop out to a Webster graduate I stand proud.