Graduation Journey: Michael Biegler

Micheal Biegler is graduating this May, 2017 with an Educational Specialist Degree in Educational Technology Leadership (EdS).

“My name is Michael (Mike) Biegler and I just completed my final set of courses for my second Master’s Degree. My first MET was in Education Technology and my second was my Ed.S in Education Leadership. Both Master’s Degrees were online and I preferred the online environment [as opposed to the face-to-face environment] due to the convenience of submitting assignments and participation venue which was through discussion threads. I did not have to go to a physical classroom, interact with the instructor and fellow classmates, find parking, traveling, spending time and money for the traveling, or [at times] listen to boring lectures. The online environment does require time-management skills, timely submission of discussion thread participation and assignments, and being able to navigate through the learning management system that controls the coursework. I found the interaction through the discussion threads adequate for my interaction, since the requirements were to respond to instructor topics and fellow classmate’s responses. The instructions for successful completion were straight-forward and easy to understand. If there were items that needed further clarification, the discussion posts and instructor contact information were readily available.

All-in-all, my experiences with Webster University were above par and provided the means to succeed in the education area, as I am now a full-time employee of Webster University/Ft. Bliss Campus. While I do recommend Webster University to students, I do implore them to take it seriously and network with instructors, classmates, and staff to receive the full benefits of a university, whether it’s online or face-to-face.”