Graduation Journey: Rachel McClain

Rachel McClainRachel McClain graduated this past March, 2017, with a Master of Business Administration (MBA).

“The courage to change directions realizing that it is never too late. Webster University is unique, action oriented, flexible, and global. I can say that about myself relating to my experiences while attending Webster University during undergrad and just recently, the MBA program. Like many working adults, I decided to go back to school later in life, because I believe you never stop learning. And becoming an expert in your field is not limited to just holding a degree. Work and life experience has proven to be valuable. Over the years, I truly can say you are never too old to dream. It took me a long while to get to this point in my life, where I feel complete with myself, I know what success means to me. With all my past experiences, I am able to help others. I only have one life, and one chance to make it happen. Webster University and the many mentors that I’ve encountered along the way helped to make that happen. I will tell anyone that Webster embraces everyone!”