Graduation Journey: Royelle Robertson

Royelle Robertson graduated this past December 2016 with a Master of Arts in Information Technology Management (MA):

“It has always been instilled in me at a very young age that education would be the key to open doors unknown.  From knee-high to adult, my mother (as a teacher), would promote the advantages of having a degree, maintaining a stable status as a responsible citizen, and working those assets to become greater.  The years spent enduring the Masters of Arts curriculum at Webster University have been years that I will cherish and regard as lasting, ingenious growth. I initially enrolled in 2011 while taking advantage of my then company’s tuition reimbursement benefit.  Continuing along at what seemed to have been a snail’s pace, I persevered through change and even a firm-wide layoff situation that dented the velocity of my completion during a normal tenure.  Instead, additional years added up, and finally in 2015, then at a new company, I was prompted and inspired to finish strong.  With only four courses left, I was highly determined and extremely motivated to cross the milestone of obtaining a Masters off of my life-goal list.  Still, again, at a snail’s pace momentum, one course down turned into a repeated cycle throughout 2016, and finally – my objective was netted! What a fundamental achievement –one that is welcomed in the midst of ever-evolving change, corporate advancement opportunity, and simple life longevity and self-gratification.  The good thing about education is knowing you are not in competition with a soul, yet everybody’s goal is to finally reach the finish line!”