Graduation Journey: Thomas Gary

Thomas Gary graduated this past March, 2017, with a Master of Business Administration (MBA), read more about his journey:

“When I was 17, I joined the Air Force in 1996 due to a lack of interest in furthering my formal education. However, as time continued and my children were born, education became a goal not only for personal gratification, but to also set a good example. In 2003, while serving on active duty in Georgia, I began my undergraduate program with Park University. I continued this venture into my new assignment in Texas as the online programs allowed for the flexibility required of military members. I completed my B.S. in Finance and Management in 2011 when I applied and continued to pursue my Graduates degree with Webster University. Over the next 5+ years, while serving in Texas, Korea, and Hawaii, as well as during several temporary duty assignments, I was able to complete my degree all online. The flexibility allowed for me to not only focus on my educational desires, but also progress within my profession. I have currently served over 20 years on active duty and to think how I entered the service to avoid school, but now have achieved an MBA, is amazing!”