Graduation Journey: Tierra Fluker

Tierra Fluker, BA-Management shares her journey.

My life – My Story
It’s not where you start,but it’s where you finish!
Life is a journey that I have traveled and the road hasn’t been easy, but the payoff has been rewarding.

I started out at:
St. Louis Community College
University of Phoenix
Lindenwood University

I finished at :
Webster University

I am a proud Alumni of Webster University!

I did this all while being a single mother, working full time as a career mother, running an events business aka The Annual Healthy Living Expo and publishing two books “Own your Pain” and “Own your Pain to Own your Success”. Let me not forget, I owned a Beauty Supply store at 28 years old, working full time and was attending school. People often ask me? “Tierra how do you do it all?”

Attending Business classes throughout the years have given me the skill set to have experienced the successes I have had in life.

You see, nobody put me on, I put myself on.

A wise woman once said “Jobs and careers come and go”, but obtaining a degree, no one can take that from you.

There is no excuses! You can do it also!