WebNet+ Student Experience

My name is Greg Ludwig and I’m very proud to be a Webster University Gorlock.  I hail from Virginia, I recently retired from the U.S. Navy & I’m located near Great Lakes, Illinois.

  • What degree program are you currently working on?

Currently, I’m enrolled in Webster University’s MBA program and I’m seeking a new career in the civilian workforce with corporate America, the Federal Government or possibly Defense Contracting.

  •  What made Webster stand out for you?

I choose Webster University for my Master’s degree for three reasons:

(1) The Webster University staff are an awesome group of professionals that truly care about your education.  You are not just a number.

(2) They have a variety of degree programs that translate to tangible skill sets that are transferable in today’s civilian workforce.  You may not be aware, Webster University is an unlimited, uncapped Yellow Ribbon participant.

(3) Webster University understands that many students are gainfully employed, taking care of a family possibly but they will work with you to align your needs with a realistic degree plan.

  • What do you recommend to potential students look for when choosing a university?

So, what should you look for when choosing a University.  First and foremost, check out their tuition, my opinion, there’s a lot of bang for your buck.  Compare the tuition costs of other universities with Webster University.

Secondly, accessibility of the Webster staff and campus.  Webster University prides itself on a knowledgeable & friendly Staff that are responsive to your questions and needs.

Thirdly, Webster University has a plethora of talented professors & online resources that students can access to better assist you with your course assignments.

  • How are WebNet+ courses helping you complete your degree?

One huge course delivery method I’ve started using is WebNet+.  This is a live interactive class that I attend via video.  This technique involves your Professor and other students participating in the same course curriculum needed to complete a degree plan should the specific course not be available in your geographical area.  It’s extremely simplistic to access and gain your connection with the distant end classroom, wherever you professor / class is located.

What hardware requirements are required – (1) you need stable access to the Internet (not intermittent access), a computer or laptop and I strongly recommend the use of external speakers vice using your internal computer speakers.

  • How accessible are WebNet+ courses?

It’s just like you’re sitting in the classroom, the Professor shares the slide presentation to the class, you can chat online with other students participating in the WebNet+ class, you can ask questions to engage other students or the Professor throughout your online video teleconferencing.  Again, this is an interactive video service comparable to FaceTime or Skype.

I’ve successfully participated in three WebNet+ classes and I was very impressed & satisfied with the overall process, I found it to be efficient and effective as I work towards completion of my MBA.

  •  What do you like about WebNet+ courses?

Again, understand the live online experience is great, equally comparable to you physically sitting in the classroom.  But much more enhanced than strictly using an online class.

  • Did any WebNet+ instructors stand out?

I was introduced to WebNet+ by Mr David Ramey, the Director of Webster University Great Lakes, Illinois who has guided me through my MBA process.  Additionally, I would like to recognize two professors / instructors that stood out to me – Dr Jim Harriss (Finance and Advance Corporate Finance) and Dr Darron Williams (CAPSTONE).  Both professors continuously went out of their way to provide clarification and assist me with throughout the courses.

  • Is there anything else regarding Webster University or your WN+ experience that you feel is important to share?

The most important aspect of WebNet+ for me is “availability” – I’m able to complete my MBA course curriculum on schedule even though some of the classes were not offered in my specific location. Another important aspect of WebNet+ is the one-on-one support from the professors much like being seated in the classroom.  You can interface with your professors in a conversation and share information, ask questions and gain clarification.

  • How would you compare the seated classroom environment versus WebNet+ versus online classes?

I much prefer the seated classroom environment and WebNet+ as they are both very similar in terms of their functionality.  Both are equal in quality as you the learner are immersed in the active learning process with both the Professor and the classroom students.  You can ask thought provoking questions and engage in dialogue with either the Professor and / or the students.  I’ve participated in online classes as well, in order to be successful, you must be self-disciplined and be able to manage your time.

  • What was the most challenging aspect of getting your degree?

The most challenging part of my MBA degree attainment is what I call “a continued focused effort.”  Despite the daily challenges of work, life and other influences you must stay the course to meet your own degree deadline.

  • What was your motivation for completing this degree?

My motivation for completing my degree is simple; continuing education, it’s a lifelong journey.  I believe a person’s willingness to continue to educate themselves makes one a stronger more confident person, enhances your professional development to be more marketable in the workforce & you’re more competitive with your peer groups.

I say make a positive change in your life, contact a Webster University Representative, get out there develop your education plan and complete your degree.