Hopmann Moves into Permanent Academic ADA Coordinator Role

Chanelle (Nellie) Hopmann will move from her current interim role to a permanent role as the Academic ADA Coordinator on Wednesday, January 2. The Academic ADA Coordinator specifically works with students studying atSt. Louis campuses and in fully online programs but also supports students,faculty, and staff throughout the entire Webster world.

Hopmann joined the Academic Resource Center (ARC) as the interim Academic ADA Coordinator in September 2018 and has made a tremendous, positive impact for our students, faculty, and staff worldwide. She has quickly gotten to know our students, faculty, and staff while also expanding her knowledge of higher education structures, ADA law with regard to higher education, and best practices in working with students with disabilities in higher education.

Erica Ellard, director of the Academic Resource Center, says, “We’re thrilled to have Nellie join the team permanently. She truly cares about our students and faculty and staff members, spending time meeting with them one-on-one or having conversations by phone or email to discuss best practices and work through any issues that arise. Further, she has a hunger for knowledge and a drive to make improvements. In the three short months she’s been with Webster so far, she actively engaged in helping us finalize drafts of policies on which we’ve been working/planning for some time. In the midst of that work and any professional development opportunity available, she has continued to put Webster’s students first and to engage with the community. I look forward to experiencing Nellie’s continued contributions to Webster University.”

Prior to coming to Webster, Hopmann spent seven years working in Chicago Public Schools. There, she supported at-risk students and students with special needs, managing the Special Education Department, a caseload of 200-plus students, and 23 instructors. She also taught Common Core curriculum to students with mild-to-moderate learning and behavioral disabilities while maintaining her other responsibilities and the annual Individual Education Plan (IEP) processes for her personal caseload of 20 students.

With her work experience, a Master’s of Education in Special Education, a State of Missouri Career Continuous Professional Teaching Certification, and a State of Illinois Professional Educator License, Hopmann is excited to continue her support in assisting Webster to ensure educational access for students through her work with students, faculty, and staff. She will continue to work with the Webster community to provide equal access for students with documented disabilities; facilitate Webster dialog to promote a greater understanding of disabilities, accommodations, and accessibility; and coordinate efforts, statistics, and metrics regarding disabilities, accommodations, and accessibility throughout the Webster world.

Hopmann says, “I am very passionate about my work; it has been such a privilege to work alongside colleagues who share this same passion. One thing that I have really enjoyed about my time with Webster thus far is working closely with students to get to know them personally. Doing so has provided me opportunities to better serve and support them. I look forward to continuing to work with Webster faculty, staff, and students in providing resources and knowledge so that all parties feel supported and empowered in implementing or obtaining equal access to educational opportunities and experiences.”

If you have not met and/or worked with Hopmann, please stop by or reach out and introduce yourself. You will find her in the Academic ADA Coordinator office, Loretto Hall 55, on the Webster Groves campus, and you may contact her at extension 7700 (314-246-7700) or by email at chopmann22@webster.edu or disability@webster.edu.