Jump Start your Job Search

johnlink2By John Link

Beginning a job search can be exhausting. Follow these tips to cover all of your bases!

Discover the Right Fit
Target the type of experience you’re searching for and identify the companies who hire those professionals. Not sure where to begin? Explore what you can do with your major by speaking with a career advisor at the Career Planning and Development Center. Your career advisor can assist with direction and focus.

Scrub your Resume
If it has been a while since you’ve updated your resume, begin by adding new work experiences, skills, and achievements to your document. Your resume should be tailored to the position you’re applying for, so do not hesitate to remove and fill in information that would stand out to an employer.  An employer’s time is valuable (as is yours), so make sure to customize each resume and cover letter using key words and phrases from the job description.

Get Linked
If you haven’t jumped on board with LinkedIn, you’re behind the times. Don’t worry, it’s never too late to build a successful LinkedIn profile. With over 200 million users worldwide (and growing), LinkedIn has become the premier networking site to showcase your professional self, search for job opportunities, and build a contact network with professionals who share your interests.

Notify your Network
Your contact network can be instrumental in identifying job opportunities at companies you’re interested in working for. Reflect on the type of position you’re looking for and write down who you know that works in that area or who you know that may work at the company you’re targeting.

Develop a Targeted Follow-Up Strategy
You’ve set your goals, scrubbed your resume clean, conducted industry research, and applied to multiple positions – now what? When applying to multiple positions, it is important to keep a record of the jobs you applied to, the date you applied, and any additional information that would be important for following up with the employer (such as a position closing date). Check in with the employer to see where they’re at in the hiring process – don’t be afraid to call and obtain information!

There are many approaches to developing a strategic job search plan. Set realistic goals for your search, track your efforts, and spend time customizing your applications in an effort to stand out among a crowd of applicants.


John Link is the Assistant Director in Career Development Webster University Career Planning & Development Center