Library: Eileen Condon

Eileen CondonPlease tell us about yourself:  My Name is Eileen Condon, I’m currently Dean of University Libraries.  I started working at the library circulation desk at Webster, and I’ve had cataloging (including rare book cataloging), technology, and administrative roles at the library.

What do you do in your free time? Spend time with my middle school age son, read, watch movies, and hike. (Favorite hikes are at Castlewood, Shaw Nature Reserve, Rockwoods Reservation, and Hawn State Park.)

How long have you been with Webster? 26 years

How do you help Webster University Online students? As dean of the libraries, I lead and support the library staff in providing resources and services that our students need to succeed in their courses.  We focus on providing online materials such as eBooks, online databases, e-journals, and streaming videos and music that are available to students wherever they are.  Our library staff are eager to help students with their research. We work with students via phone and email, and we even have 24/7 chat help service!

What do you want online students to know about the library? We want our online students to know that we are your library. We have the materials you need for your classwork, and we are here if you need help.

What part of your job is the most satisfying? When I was in grad school, sometimes it felt like I spent more time finding articles in the library’s periodical stacks and copying them than I actually did reading the articles.  I love the fact that because of the resources we have available online and the support we provide, our students can focus on learning and creating new knowledge.

What’s your favorite part of Webster University? Webster is small enough that you get a chance to know a lot of people, but because of our online programs and extended and overseas campuses, it feels like a big place with a lot of opportunities.