Library Webinars and Tutorials

sarah_reandoby Sarah Reando

Webster University librarians offer frequent webinars on a variety of topics for the benefit of all students in both on ground and online courses. Do you ever feel lost when doing research? Do you ever need a demonstration of library resources? Are you ready to take your research skills to the next level? Webster University Library can help!

These Webinars cover such topics as overviews of library resources, APA citation, and tips for giving a good presentation. We offer webinars at a variety of days and times and the best part is that the webinars are live, plus a librarian is available to demonstrate resources and answer questions.

But do not let a hectic schedule prevent you from attending! We keep an archive of recorded webinars available to you at any time.

Be sure to check out or upcoming webinars, recorded webinars, and sign up for email alerts!


Sarah Reando is a Reference Librarian at the Emerson Library of Webster University.