“MA-Advertising and Marketing Communications” And How It Is Going to Be Used

By Robyn Kriesel, graduate student in the Advertising and Marketing Communications graduate program.

It is a funny story of how I returned to Webster University. You see the word “returned” because my home campus during my undergrad studies was in London at Regent’s University London. There, I was one of the first students to complete a four-year degree at Regent’s with a Bachelor of Arts Film Studies Degree. Now back to the present, to the point of this question of how I selected Master of Arts Advertising and Marketing Communications Degree and how I will utilize it.

Going back in time of how this started, it was a couple years after I finished my Bachelor’s degree, I was working for Target as a Food Service Team Member, cross-trained in two other departments [Cashier and Hardlines]. At this point we were trying to recover from the 2013 Credit/Debit Card Scandal, after which we were not well-liked. I noticed my work experience was expanding by helping the company to push products on the sales floor, being aware of the weekly advertisements and knowledge of the promotions [e.g. Target Cartwheel and REDCard], I felt like I was stuck. Not to mention, I was getting my butt kicked from the student loans and had difficulty finding a media career in the area.

One night my partner was making dinner and I was surfing the Internet to try to cheer up.  One of the moments that popped out of nowhere came to mind and I discovered “New! Advertising and Marketing Communications” under the School of Communications section of Webster University Graduate Programs. I did not see a reason why I should pass up the opportunity when I already practice the work experience. So, I applied and now here I am with one class to go to finish the degree. Did I move up in Target? No, instead I am now with Big Lots, where I have more room to develop work experience skills and communicate better with upper level management.

My goal, once I complete my degree is to move up to Headquarters with Big Lots to develop more advertising and marketing skills to not only gain more of the target audience, but also make their experiences better. It is not surprising when furniture is the first [and sometimes only] thing comes to consumers’ minds about the company due the advertisements, social media, and word-of-mouth. Even buying food and beverages, there are products I had not heard of before and are worth having such Study Fuel Coffee for the Back to School season. In other words, my goal is make the company better by using the skills developed from my current degree, and reach beyond the limits.

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