Manager of Course Development & WorldClassRoom Administration Team

Jarred_businessmeJarred Truschke is the new Manager of WorldClassroom and the leader of the Development team in the Online Learning Center. He’s a father, husband, creative leader, photographer, designer, and singer/songwriter. He believes in, and loves visual communication.

Jarred started as a designer and photographer, and has worked in various capacities over the years; including print designer, landscape photographer, interactive designer, mobile designer, portrait photographer, and web designer. Progressing through his career, he found a need and a passion for creative leadership, and has pursued that ever since.

Jarred believes that in an age where almost anybody can “do” a task, the real value comes from the individuals who create the work. Jarred believes that “who we are” is infinitely more important than “what we do.”  The advantage that an organization or individual has lies in who does the work, and not solely the work itself.

Realizing this has changed the way that Jarred has done everything – from leading creative teams to creating projects; from writing and performing music to taking photos; and how he acts as a husband and father.

Jarred is excited to be a part of the Online Learning Center at Webster University.