Master of Arts in Counseling Now Available Online

Join us for an Online Information Session:

July 10th, 2019 5-6pm CST


July 11th, 2019 12-1:00pm CST

Have a desire to join the growing field of mental health professionals?  Are you currently working and/or have a family that prevents you from taking classes on a campus?  If you answered yes to both of these questions, please find time to stop by one of our information sessions we are offering this month to showcase our new online MA in Counseling program!

Webster University, a highly regarded non-profit University, has offered a strong counseling program for decades.  Webster University has been doing online education for over 20 years as well.  With the Bureau of Labor Statistics suggesting the Mental Health field will grow at a faster than average rate, it made sense for us to finally combine our expertise in these fields.  So, whether you have desires to join a clinic, start your own private practice, or work in a school, Webster University’s highly interactive online counseling program will prepare you to make a difference in people lives for years to come.  At these information sessions our counseling faculty will be on hand to share their insight on:

  • What a counselor does and how they help people 
  • Future employment and career prospects 
  • How counselors engage in advocacy for clients and students 
  • Differences between clinical mental health counselors and school counselors 
  • The role of school counselors within the school system 
  • How school counselors contribute to the growth of students 
  • The various settings in which clinical counselors can work 
  • Establishing a private practice upon obtaining licensure  
  • Ways to expand one’s knowledge as a Licensed Professional Counselor to include working with couples, families, and children

There will be time for questions and answers after the faculty conclude their presentation. 

In addition to our esteemed faculty, please know that Webster is staffed with a team of online academic coaches that will help you navigate your responsibilities as an online student.  Our coaches know that taking the first step, enrolling in your first class, is the most difficult.  Therefore, feel free to take it one class at a time because no matter what barriers you have preventing you from continuing your education and chasing your dreams, we are there to help you every step of the way!  

So, please click on the dates above to RSVP today so you can forge your path tomorrow!