Mendeley is a citation manager that can help you keep large research projects organized! Build and access a research library on most devices, generate citations and reference lists with a click, collaborate with instructors and classmates using your Mendeley account. Tools like the Citation Plug-in tool, which  easily inserts references into word documents, save you time and energy. Get started here:

To get Mendeley:

  1. Set up an account with your Webster University email address. This ensures that you’ll get the maximum storage and extra tools available to you through the university.
  2. Download Mendeley Desktop: Use the Mendeley Desktop to build and organize your collection of references and documents, which you can sync with the web and mobile versions. Drag & drop PDF files into the Desktop to instantly create references. Annotate PDFs with highlights and sticky notes as you read them.
  3. Explore tools like the Web Importer (which adds articles to your library instantly) and the Citation Plug in. You can even download the Mendeley mobile app to access your research library on the go!
  4. Collaborate by creating and joining groups of classmates, colleagues, or researchers with similar interests.

More about Mendeley:

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