New User Interface for WorldClassRoom

New User Interface Overview: Primary Changes

WorldClassRoom (WCR) will be sporting a new and improved user interface (UI) starting with the Summer 2016 term. None of the functionality of courses within WorldClassRoom will change but a few items will be moved. This change has been initiated by our learning management system (Canvas) to provide a more responsive design, especially on mobile devices. The main difference that will be seen is that the global navigation, which is currently across the top of the screen, will move to the left side of the screen.

Here are the two main areas where users will see a difference:Dashboard

  1. Global Navigation
    Global Navigation, currently located across the top of the window in WorldClassRoom, will move to the left-hand side of the screen.Global navigation currently includes access to Courses, Grades, Resources, Calendar, Inbox, Settings, the Help button and the Logout button.

    • Courses, Groups, Calendar and Inbox will all still be visible on the left side of the screen after the transition.
    • Settings and the Logout link will now be found under the Account link.
    • The link for Grades will move from Global Navigation to the right side-bar on the dashboard.
  2. Dashboard
    The Dashboard is the first page that users see after logging into WorldClassRoom and it is this page that will look significantly different.


The Recent activity stream, which includes announcements, discussion posts, messages, and other activities in all courses–has been replaced by a framework of colored “course cards.” The course cards that will show up are your current “favorite” courses.

Each course card will include up to four tabs along the bottom for Announcements, Discussions, Assignments, and Files. Please note that if these items are hidden from students in the course, they will not appear here. If there is new activity in any of these areas, the tab will indicate a number for the new activity in that course.

  • Users can customize the course with different colors and even a nickname. The edit icon in the upper-right corner of the card can be used to change the color and nickname. These changes will only be visible to the individual user and will not be seen by others in the class.
  • The Recent Activity stream becomes a part of the Dashboard. The Recent Activity stream can be toggled on and off at the top right of the Dashboard.

The new User Interface will be available starting with courses in summer 2016. Much more information will be available in the weeks to come on our OLC website.