OLC Administration and Student Services Team: Amy Whited-Hylton

We caught up with Amy, from our Student Services Team to learn a little more about her:

Please tell us about yourself and your background: I have 20 years of experience in customer service, media, events and publicity, especially with non-profits and start-ups. I have my MA (’04) and BA (’00) in Media Communications, both from Webster. I recently started a sequential master’s degree in Management and Leadership.

After high school I originally wanted to be a radio DJ. I went to broadcasting school and hosted a show on KDHX, the community radio station here in St. Louis. Instead of accepting a job offer out of town, I decided to stay and take classes at St. Louis Community College – Meramec. I was working part-time as a marketing rep for a record label and a friend of mine, who was the student manager of Webster’s radio station, invited me to Spring Fest on campus. I felt like I had found my people! The next week there was a Webster admissions rep at Meramec so I stopped and talked to her about how my credits would transfer.

Over the years I worked at HEC-TV, owned my own business, and was a staffing supervisor. After the recession I worked for a medical supply company in patient support until I made the choice to come back to Webster and join the team in the Online Learning Center last year.

What do you do in your free time? For 12 years I played roller derby and was a leader and organizer both locally as well as a rep to the international governing body of the sport. I’m still somewhat involved in that community in a peripheral way. Derby, like Webster, has done a great job using technology to connect its global community! In September, I got up at the wee hours of the morning to watch the livestream broadcast of WFTDA Playoffs which were in Malmö, Sweden!

Since skating used to take up a lot of my “free” time, I now try to make the most of weekends, spending time with my wife, going to festivals, or enjoying dinner on a restaurant patio.

How long have you been with Webster? I’ve worked here since March 2016, but I’ve been a part of Webster (or Webster has been a part of me) since 1998.

How do you help Webster University Online current students? One thing I do is facilitate the process for online students to get student ID cards. I also do a lot of behind the scenes nuts and bolts stuff so that keep things running smooth.

As an Online Student Services Team member, you answer many questions from students. What are some of our students’ frequently asked questions? How do I apply for the Money for Textbooks program? When will I have access to my class? There are no dumb questions. To learn more about Money for Textbooks go to our blog post.

What part of your job is the most satisfying? Being part of an innovative team.  We constantly ask ourselves, “How does this benefit students?” That gives meaning to tasks both big and small.

Do you have any advice for students? Recognizing the progress you’ve made every 8 or 9 weeks makes you realize just how fast it goes by. For example, in a 36 credit hour program, after 2 classes you’re 1/6th of the way to graduation! Also, if you have a rough term or don’t do well in a class, don’t let it define you. Regroup and figure out how to start again.

What’s your favorite part of Webster University: Webster’s commitment to diversity. It’s evident by who is in your class, the types of courses offered and topics covered, and the individual attention given to students by knowledgeable faculty. It challenges us to be better people, and take time to think about where another person might be coming from.