OLC Admissions Team: Brittany Murphy

We talked with the newest member of the admissions team, Brittany Murphy, Counselor for Online Student Admissions.

Please tell us about yourself and your background. Brittany Murphy – not the actress. My education background is in European History with an emphasis on Women’s Suffrage in 20th century Britain as it correlates to female para-military organizations during World War I. I went to Northern Arizona University for undergrad (even though I am originally from California) and then AMU for my MA, largely because my husband was in the USMC and we moved several times while I was in grad school. I previously worked for the USMC/DOD as a Guidance Counselor for Marines and their families in Okinawa, Japan.

What do you do in your free time? In my free time, I re-watch TV shows I have seen millions of time, read books and write.

How do you help prospective Webster University Online students? I work in Admissions, so I help them to find the value in Webster and their global programs and availability. I have a strong interest in education and find helping people to further their education goals very rewarding.

You answer many questions from prospective students, what are some of our students’ frequently asked questions? The thing I hear most from people is that they want to make sure the school is a good fit for their work and life balance.

What part of your job is the most satisfying? Helping people find a way to gain the education they desire despite the curveballs life hands at them.

Do you have any advice for students? I think it is important when planning for a future career and thus picking a major that you evaluate your life. Don’t just pick the job (degree program) that seems easiest or that you think you will more readily find a job. Pick the thing that makes you happy because I firmly believe that happiness and success in work can translate to your home life and vice versa. Pick the career (degree program) that completes the life picture you have for yourself.

What’s your favorite part of Webster University.  The old buildings and houses that are all over campus. I grew up in a town full of old homes and buildings, and the campus here reminds me very much of my hometown and also my college campus. But that is just a feeling, and a visual. My favorite thing that Webster –does- is provide ready access to education, not just in our country but globally. It really makes one feel like a citizen of the world, not nation when you know that you are a part of something bigger than you.