OLC Admissions Team: Joy Baldassare

We caught up with Joy to learn a little more about her and her position on the Online Admissions Team. 

Please tell us about yourself and your background.

I am a transplant to the Midwest. I have lived in the area for many years now, but I still have fond memories of the palm trees and mountain views that I enjoyed as part of life in California. I am a wife, a mom to three girls, and have two loving pugs.

What do you do in your free time?
As you might expect, my life is pretty busy. In my free time, I enjoy traveling with my family and completing house projects. I like to express my creativity and my warm nature in all of the house projects I take on.

How long have you been with Webster?
I have worked at Webster University for 5 years. I have held various roles including Online Learning Center Representative, Customer Service Coordinator – Bursar’s Office and now Online Admissions Counselor. The culmination of these experiences have proven invaluable as I apply my knowledge of Webster University to benefit my prospective students.

How do you help prospective Webster University Online students?
The process starts with a simple conversation by phone or email. This first step, taken by a prospective student can ultimately lead to their graduation day. It is often a life changer. I like to gain an understanding of the personal and professional goals of the person that I am speaking with and then explore how Webster University can help them turn those goals into reality. I like to help create line of sight between academic objectives and career direction. Going back to school is a journey and I am genuinely interested in helping prospective students get on a path to reach their full potential.

You answer many questions from prospective students, what are some of our students’ frequently asked questions?
Life is busy and we are all juggling several things. Some of the most common questions are 1) How many online courses can I take ? 2) Can I mix online with face-to-face classes? and 3) How are online programs delivered? The answers to these questions and more, can be found on our Online FAQ page.

What part of your job is the most satisfying?
This is a very easy question. I love knowing that I was the person that encouraged a prospective student to apply and pursue their degree. It is rewarding to know that I, in some way, became a part of their story to pursue higher education. Education can change your life in a way that only education can.

Do you have any advice for students?
Of course! I’d say don’t procrastinate on your future. Every decision matters. Whether it is deciding to attend school or once enrolled in school, completing your assignments in a timely manner. Stay motivated and don’t forget the reasons that guided you to pursue an advanced degree. We know what the finish line looks like – it’s graduation day, cap and gown, diploma in hand.

What’s your favorite part of Webster University?
It’s a global university, yet it has the feel of small tight knit community. Webster offers a variety of programs allowing me to match the right program to the individual. Within the framework of Webster University, works a very talented staff who have one goal, helping students.