OLC Admissions Team: Matthew Schindler

Please tell us about yourself and your background: My name is Matthew Schindler,I have worked in education for over 15 years.  Most of those years were spent in a K-12 setting where my passions were advocating for early literacy programs, drug and alcohol prevention education, and helping students access higher education.  I currently reside in the St. Louis area with my wife and our three children.

What do you do in your free time? In my “free time” I find myself chauffeuring my children around to swim meets, little league, soccer games, hockey practice, etc… I try to get to the gym a few days a week for some exercise, I enjoy cheering on the Packers, Brewers, and my various fantasy teams, and love sneaking in a date night here and there.

How long have you been with Webster? I have had the pleasure of being part of the Webster family for one month now.

How do you help prospective Webster University Online students? I just try to help guide the student from where they are to where they want to be.  That can mean a lot of different things depending on the individual student.  One student could want some clarification on specific coursework, one might not understand how credit transfers work, one might be confused about why transcripts are necessary.  No matter what step in the admissions process, I try to make that process less cumbersome so the student can enter their classes relaxed and free of distractions so they can focus their attention on learning and earning their degree.

What are some of our prospective students’ frequently asked questions? Lots of our veterans have questions about the discount rates we offer and how they can tie in unique financial programs such as GI Bills.  Lots of questions of whether or not Webster will accept credits from certain schools or programs.  Questions about if Webster will assist with job placement or internships.  How long it will take to complete a specific degree or certificate.  Cost for online classes. Most answers to those can be found here: www.webster.edu/admissions/graduate/tuition.html

What part of your job is the most satisfying? I love talking with, thanking, and helping our veterans get enrolled.  It makes me feel like I am able to give back to them just a little for all they have sacrificed for us.

Do you have any advice for students? Just know that you are not alone in your journey through Webster.  We have people in every school and every office that care about you and want to help furnish you with the knowledge and skills necessary to achieve your educational and professional goals in life.  So if you ever need help, for any reason, let us know.

What’s your favorite part of Webster University? So far I am enjoying the sense of community, the pride my colleagues have in Webster, and their desire to help our community by guiding our students along their chosen path.