Online Writing Center

Online writing assistance is available to Webster University students attending classes at the extended campuses in the U.S. or across the globe, to students enrolled in online classes, and to graduate students at the Webster Groves campus.


Online Writing Center Website
Writing Tips

Submitting Your Papers: 

Webster’s WorldClassRoom website also offers a link to the Online Writing Center submission area. Simply click the “Resources” drop down in the top middle of your global navigation area, select “Writing Assistance,” then under “Get help,” click on “submit your paper to the Online Writing Center.” Here you will be directed to a form which will prompt you to enter information and attach your paper as a separate file.

Getting Your Papers Back: 

A professional writing coach will be assigned your paper and will review it using Word’s comment feature and Track Changes. If coaches have any questions, they may email or call you. Coaches primarily look at global issues of focus, development, and organization. The Online Writing Center will comment on style and grammar conventions, but it is not a proofreading service.

Papers will be returned in approximately two to three business days. The Online Writing Center suggests submitting papers ahead of the midterms or finals period, when papers may be returned in four to five business days.