Organize, Develop, and Clarify: Use Webster’s Writing Services!

The Webster University community used the Academic Resource Center’s (ARC’s) Writing Center and Online Writing Center more than 2,000 times during the 2017-2018 academic year. The accompanying infographic highlights key usage statistics for the year.

The data shows that graduate students and freshmen use the Writing Center more than other undergraduate student populations, and the reason for this trend is that the professors who teach these students and the staff members who support these students recommend that their students use the Writing Center services. Additionally, 84 percent of Writing Referrals submitted through the Student Success Portal, powered by Starfish, since its launch on October 16, 2017, have been for graduate students or freshmen.

Often, faculty members lament students’ writing skills, including the ability to properly use APA or MLA documentation. To receive better quality writing, professors should include a note about the Writing Center and/or Online Writing Center services in their syllabi. And, they should talk about the Writing Center in their classrooms and about the Online Writing Center in their online course discussions and announcements. Faculty can also request presentations regarding the ARC’s writing (and other) services to encourage their students to make use of these services. It’s a win-win for the students and their professors! To request a presentation, visit the ARC website (, and click on the Request an ARC Presentation button.

The Writing Center provides a friendly, welcoming place where writers receive one-on-one coaching in order to become independent writers and demystify the writing process. Students in all academic disciplines are invited to bring in papers in any stage of planning, drafting, revising, or editing for individualized coaching sessions on site—either by appointment or on a walk-in basis. Graduate writing coaches are available to assist Webster graduate students, and professional writing coaches also support the Webster community. Online students and students studying at Webster’s U.S. extended sites and non-U.S. campuses are invited to send their papers to the Online Writing Center. Webster faculty, staff, and alumni are also welcome to use the Writing Center and/or the Online Writing Center.

For more information about Webster’s writing services, visit or contact the Writing Center by emailing or calling (314)246-8644. To make an appointment, visit