Outstanding Online Graduate Student Award: Ayana Worrell-Grogan

The Webster University Alumni Association and the Online Learning Center would like to congratulate Ayana Worrell-Grogan, the winner of the Alumni Associations Outstanding Online Graduate Student Award. Ayana, is a Bolling student who took the majority of her classes online.

Ayana will graduate in May 2018 with an Master of Arts in Human Resources Management (MA). She was nominated by her supervisor, Adam McConnaughy. Adam said of Ayana, “Ayana exhibits a unique sense of leadership qualities that I observe on a daily basis. Her role as a civilian legal assistant that provides services to military members, families, and military civilian/contractor personnel here in Germany yields lasting impact to our community overseas. The positive feedback I have received from clients regarding their interactions with Ayana as the primary legal clerk that clients interact with on a daily basis reflect her active listening and problem solving skills. She develops trust within the first few minutes of interacting through her professionalism and ability to build rapport with legal clients facing tough or embarrassing issues. Most importantly, Ayana brings the leadership trait of developing those around her. Specifically, the younger military members who carefully listen and respect her guidance in the legal profession. Ayana lead our office in not only customer support, but has managed 26 tax center volunteers at the start of tax season. She schedules and organizes the team of volunteers who support the largest American community outside the United States. She serves as a Red Cross volunteer for their Acts of Kindness Program, which collects and distributes baked goods to various military units on base. Lastly, Ayana in one of those unique individuals who not only serve in her civilian capacity, but is also a reserve air force member that assists at our bases personnel section. These contributions not only benefit her but are experiences that she shares and expands upon in her courses at Webster. A true role model for the community and proud representative of Webster University. With Ayana attending the university via online, I know she provides positive feedback in discussion forums and highlights practical solutions to problems classmates may have. Over the past four months, she has continued to pursue her education goals while her husband is forward deployed to the Middle East. Additionally, she is raising their child as the sole parent, in a foreign country, while working full-time and taking classes in the evening. Wonder Woman!”

The Alumni Association and the Online Learning Center believe Ayana exemplifies what it truly means to be a Gorlok. Congratulations, Ayana!