Preparing a Networking Pitch

johnlink2By John Link

A networking pitch is a brief, thoughtfully prepared and practiced branding message about your professional self. It should be delivered with purpose and last no longer than one minute.

For students and soon-to-be graduates, your networking pitch tells people:
1. Who you are
Include your name, if you’re a current student, recent or soon-to-be graduate, major and institution.

2. What you are seeking
Identify the type of experience you’re seeking. This may include full or part time employment, volunteer work, or internship opportunities.

3. What your strongest skills are
Identify what makes you stand out. Include your strongest skills and qualifications in relationship to your career goals.

A networking pitch can be used at events where employers are present such as a Career & Internship Fair. Pair your pitch with a firm handshake and strong eye contact.


John Link is the Assistant Director in the Webster University Career Planning & Development Center.