Are you ready for Online?

Complete the Online Readiness Quiz below prior to the start of your online class(es)!

The questions will cover topics in the areas of technology, study habits, motivation, communication, and academics. There are no right or wrong answers. Your results will not be seen by anyone but you. Answer each question honestly so that you will know if there are areas where you need additional support. Once completed, you’ll be given additional tools and resources.

How comfortable do you feel about using computer technology and the Internet?

Which best describes your desire to learn new computer skills?

Have you taken an online course before?

How do you feel about the primary form of communication with your instructor and classmates being electronic?

How do you feel about the current level of your writing skills?

Which best describes your ability to analyze course materials?

When I need help in class, I feel comfortable communicating with my instructor.

Are You Ready for Online?
Very Comfortable with learning Online
Excellent! It sounds like you're ready to become an online student when it comes to technology. In addition, it looks like you possess great habits that would lend themselves to helping you be successful in the online learning environment. Finally, It looks like you have strong goals and you are highly motivated to become a successful online student.
Somewhat Comfortable with learning Online
Good! Your responses indicate a minimal comfort level with using technology. You may want to investigate ways to improve your access to technology. In addition, be prepared that you may need to make some changes to your personal schedule to accommodate the responsibilities of taking online classes. It seems like you will be able to take the responsibility for your learning in the online environment. Finally, it looks like you are comfortable with the process of analysis and communication that is required at this level of course work.
Not Sure about learning Online
Your responses indicate a need for increased comfort with using the computer and the Internet. Successful online students ensure that they have the time and space available in their personal schedules to accommodate the responsibilities of taking online classes. Successful online students are also comfortable communicating with their instructors and classmates only online. Finally, critical thinking skills the ability to to read and write on a college level are heavily suggested.

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