School’s Out for the Summer

It’s summer at last in St. Louis, where the home campus of Webster University is located. After what seems like weeks of rain, the sun is starting to peek out and daylilies are beginning to bloom. The on ground undergraduates have left for home, travel, or summer jobs. The parking lots and picnic tables are empty …. Hello?? Is anyone here? Yes, the Online Learning Center is continuing to work, full steam ahead.

Our workload doesn’t change too much in the summer since our students “go to school” year round. The summer term started this week for the graduate students with 13939 credit hours being taken by  3990  students. Our Instructional designers have full queues of new classes to get ready for the fall. Included in these courses are parts of the new online certificates and programs such as Space Management, CyberSecurity, and Science Management and Leadership. The Instructional Designers will communicate with instructors through a variety of methods including WebEx, email, and phone calls to ensure the content of the course is delivered on time to be used in the design and development of the course.  The course developers continue to create videos and interactions to include in the online courses.  Some of their projects include syncing presentations with audio, advertising mock-ups, and even drive by videos. Student services staff members just finished another round of live webinars in which they provided orientation and training for 1152  new online students.  This orientation and training is used to prepare students for their online courses and the team is even still registering students. The Admissions team continues to work with new prospective students, making and taking calls about our online programs and courses. And the Faculty Admin team is finalizing Spring grades and Fall textbook orders.

Across the organization, we meet regularly with our cross functional teams to identify issues that may be barriers to success for students and faculty. So far, we have worked together to improve the website, launch this blog, modify the course design process, improve our relationships with extended sites, and reach out to potential students at the community colleges in Missouri and Illinois. And we did manage to squeeze in a bit of time for an all staff picnic!picnic

Just another day in the OLC…. Happy Summer!