Share the Love

We asked students to “share the love” and nominate faculty and staff for a Webster Online t-shirt.  Here are some of the nominations:

“Dr. David Dixon- he is one of the most thoughtful and helpful teachers I’ve had thus far in my collegiate career. You can tell that he genuinely cares not only about the success of his students, but the opportunity to help them learn something new and understand how it applies to their daily lives. He is clearly the epitome of what is intended for a professor in higher education. He honestly teaches one of the hardest subjects, Statistics, but his real life application and willingness to answer questions lessens the burden by a long shot.”
“I am nominating Professor Elliot from SCIN 1400 and 1401. He makes a subject that is totally foreign to me manageable. I am able to understand concepts and it helps build my confidence as a student.”
“Ferris (Mike) Sticksel. Great teacher.”
“Barrett Baebler — You can tell that he truly cares about the success of his students.”
“Arlene Rivera (Academic Representative, San Antonio Texas) is my nomination.  I selected her because during the time Lackland Air Force Base Campus containing over 20,000 military and civilian personnel was without a Director Adviser for three months.  She made sure on-site, and Webnet plus students had a Fall 2, and Spring 1 (2018/19) sessions established so Graduate students could continue their academic program. I think she did an excellent job holding down the position, coordinating professors and ensured twenty, night courses during her leadership continued without a glitch until a new site Director arrived. Arlene Rivera needs to be recognized for her “Outstanding Service “ in support of, four Master degree programs running smoothly for over 100 Graduate students consisting of Active Duty, Retired, Civilian and military dependents. Her attention and care for Lackland Air Base Campus Graduates students should not be overlooked but lauded for her services “
“I am nominating Dr. Thomasina Lawson. The reason that I chose this faculty is because of the energy that she brings into the classroom and the encouragement that she offers each of her students.”
“I would like to nominate Professor Deborah Torres because she has gone above and beyond when it comes to providing feedback on assignments and making herself accessible at every possible opportunity. She is clearly passionate about teaching and insists that the students’ experience at Webster University is the best possible.”
“Dr. Barbara Hufker – professor in INTL. She taught my favorite graduate classes, challenged me, and made me a better student with her expectation of attention to detail. I always looked forward to my classes with Dr. Hufket. She was engaging, challenging and always available to chat when needed. Dr. Hufker gets my vote!!”
“Beth Sims – Graduate Advisor extraordinaire. Beth has made my MA online a breeze. She was always there for me to guide my selection process, helped me sign on when admin issues occurred and assisted me with more patience and care than I probably deserved. Always willing to help out, Beth Sims gets my vote!!”