Student Post: New Military Students

Student Blog Post

My name is Brian McDonell and I have been a Webster University student for almost a year now.  I am also an active duty military service member, and have been for over 16 years.  I am pursuing my Masters of Arts in Information Technology Management and should be graduating in May of this year.

The point of this blog is to quell any angst that new or potential students (especially military) may have about starting their Master’s degree with Webster University.  I was the first person out of my family to graduate college.  When I expressed that I wanted to go for my Master’s, my family was concerned that it was going to be too hard and that my BA degree was “good enough”.  Yes, the curriculum for a Master’s degree is much harder than for any Bachelors degree you can get from any school.  However, the resources, faculty, and fellow students that Webster University provides makes it so much easier to wade through successfully. The Webster University Online Commons for example, is a terrific source for anything from academic assistance to answering questions about financial arrangements.

For military folks like me, Webster’s online learning environment makes attending classes and excelling at those classes almost effortless.  There have been times throughout my time with Webster that my military career has forced me to be away from my class, sometimes unexpectedly, and the instructors that work for Webster University have been absolutely phenomenal at working with my schedule and allowing the greatest level of flexibility.  I have attended other schools in the past for my BA and I can honestly say that Webster University goes well above and beyond.

I am always available to anyone that may have questions or concerns, please feel free to hit me up any time.