Student Tips: Have a family? Do you Study with Your Family (and as a Family)?

In WorldClassRoom’s Online Student Commons, LTC David Burger wrote on this discussion: “Have a family? Do you Study with Your Family (and as a Family)?”. Here are his tips and comments:

“I have become a late night warrior so that school does not compete with my family. I am an officer in the Army and my organization already puts stress on the family. After I tuck my daughter in (9 yr old veteran of 2 deployments), and I give my wife a kiss I usually get started at studying at 2100 hrs. I put 4 hours in then crawl in the bed to be up at 0600. My choice I guess so that I do not infringe on any time that we can spend together as a family.

As far as studying with my family, you betchya! 🙂 We will branch off of a subject that I am studying and use it as a family learning opportunity. Plus at the dinner table my daughter loves to ask me about my school because I have been doing that to her for the last 5 years!

Sacrifice for what you want, but don’t sacrifice those that are around you unless they are all in! Grad Student, 3 more classes after this semester woot woot!”