The OLC Wants You!

The Online Learning Center is looking for students who are new to their program and are wanting to share their positive experiences. We are looking for you to record your own short video which we will edit and share on our social media channels. We have a guide for you to refer to when you are getting ready to record yourself.

Please answer these questions in your video:

  1. Tell us your name and where you are located.
  2. What program are you currently working on?
  3. Please briefly describe why you chose to attend Webster University. What made Webster stand out for you?
  4. What was the best resource in getting started?
  5. Did you have a break before returning to school?  If so, how do feel now after returning to school?
  6. What has your experience been with your first few courses?

Please end your video with “My name is (first name) and I am a Gorlok!”

If you are interested in participating, please provide your information in this form, you can send any questions to If you’d like to see some examples, please check out Anne or Vicki.