Tips for Improving your Presentation Skills

By John Link

Have you noticed a shift in engagement when presenting information? When connecting information to an audience, one has to think carefully about the message of the presentation and how to deliver it with a punch. Try these helpful tips for putting energy back into your presentations.

Tip 1: Evaluate what you’re currently doing well
If presenting information is an essential duty to your job description, seek feedback from your audience after each presentation. Constructive feedback can assist with evaluating your presentation style and the content that you’re teaching. Fill in learning gaps from the feedback of your audience; add-to the information you’re sharing if it’s too vague; and remove material that does not engage or connect with your audience.

Tip 2: Connect with your audience
Your audience has an understanding that you’re the expert in the area you’re presenting. Communicate your credentials to build trust with your audience, share personal stories of how you have implemented an idea and its impact, and read participants’ body language during the presentation to make necessary adjustments.

Tip 3: Engage your audience
How you engage your audience is a critical component to an effective presentation. Does your audience want to hear what you have to say? How can your audience be inspired to take action after the presentation has finished? If your presentation has actionable objectives, your audience may be inclined to make good use of the knowledge you’re sharing and the activities you’re leading. Actionable objectives are the first pieces of information that your audience should become aware of when beginning your conversation. Once they’re hooked, keep the energy moving in the direction of your learning targets.

Presentation skills can be highly sought after by recruiters and employers. Some job interviews may include a presentation that the applicant has to prepare and present. Whether you’re looking to improve your presentation skills for a class project or shake-up your overall delivery, improving your presentation skills can greatly impact the way you communicate information to your audience.


John Link is the Assistant Director in the Webster University Career Planning & Development Center.