Key Must-Haves for Writing a LinkedIn Summary

John LinkBy John Link

Your LinkedIn summary is an opportunity to set the tone for your entire profile. Share your professional story to employers by highlighting your strongest skills and abilities at-a-glance. Like an optional objective statement or summary of qualifications added to your resume, your LinkedIn summary should be concise and targeted.

If your goal is to have an engaging LinkedIn summary, make sure it has these three things.

  1. Be concise

You have approximately 2,000 characters at your disposal, so make sure your story summarizes your professional self. A well-written summary can be framed in 4-5 sentences, capturing your strongest skills and abilities.

  1. Target to your Intended Audience

Before you begin writing, think about who your audience is. If you’re currently job searching, think about the employers who may view your profile ahead of inviting you in for an interview. The skills you’re highlighting in your summary should be aligned to what the employer would desire in a strong candidate.

  1. Edit regularly

Think of your LinkedIn profile as an unrestricted resume that can be added to and modified as regularly as you’d like. Your summary should reflect new skills you’ve developed and any additional information to assist in getting noticed by employers.

LinkedIn is the premiere networking site for professionals and should be updated regularly to reflect your strongest skills at-a-glance. Be sure to look beyond the summary and fill-in as much information you can to make a strong and targeted profile.


John Link is the Assistant Director in Career Development Webster University Career Planning & Development Center.